Find here a prayer for every day in August

1st August

Dear Lord, thank you for this new month and all you have seen us through so far this year. We ask for your blessing on this month. May we feel your nearness, joy and peace in all that lies ahead. We thank you in advance for meeting our needs and for your grace and strength that will sustain us. We commit this new month to you and ask you lead and guide us that we may glorify you. We ask these things in Jesus’ name. Amen

2nd August

Eternal and Gracious God, this morning we come before you in the name of Christ, setting aside time and space in our lives to reflect on your greatness to rejoice in your goodness, and to respond to you with gladness. We come in awe, in wonder, reverence, and humility. We come with praise, with thanksgiving, joy and celebration. Amen

3rd August

Loving God, you call us to live as your people – to walk each day by your side, seeking your will, pursuing what is right, and showing your love in our attitude towards others. Forgive us that sometimes we make your call so complicated, losing sight of the things you really require. Teach us what you require, and by your grace may we live as your people, to the glory o your name. Amen

4th August

Loving God, you call us to live as your people – forgive us that we become preoccupied with the trappings of faith, rather than focussing on the essentials. Forgive us that we are often good at being religious, but poor at doing justice, loving kindness, and walking humbly with you. Teach us what you require, and by your grace may we live as your people, to the glory of your name. Amen

5th August

Gracious God, we praise you that day by day you are at work in our lives, transforming them beyond our expectations, we praise you for the way that despite ourselves you have called us to faith, breaking through our doubts, our stubbornness, our selfishness, and pride, drawing us to Christ. Gracious God continue to change us, we pray.

6th August

Gracious God, help us to keep firm hold of the conviction that you can continue to change us – that whoever we are, whatever we do, whatever we face, nothing is outside the scope of your renewing power. Gracious God continue to change us, we pray.

7th August

Gracious God, help us to remember you can change others – that however hopeless a case may seem, however a person may be opposed to you, however far from you they may appear, you are able to make a new creation of them. Gracious God continue to change us, we pray.

8th August

Gracious God, help us to realise that as you have spoken to us so you can speak to others – that no matter how closed someone may be, how unwilling to listen, how indifferent, you are able to stir their heart and challenge their spirit. Gracious God continue to change us, we pray.

9th August

Eternal and Gracious God, we come to share fellowship, to make our confession to you and one another, to pray for ourselves, our world and our loved ones, to offer our gifts and service. We come gladly, obediently, hungrily, confidently. We come seeking your presence, your guidance, your strength and your mercy, through Jesus Christ our Lord . Amen

10th August

Gracious God, you call us to love you with all our hearts and minds and soul. You challenge us to love our neighbour as ourselves. You tell us through Christ that the whole law is summed up in one single commandment: to love. It all sounds so easy, so straightforward, but we know in reality it is so very difficult. Gracious God, forgive us the feebleness of our love.

11th August

Gracious God, too often we love only ourselves, our every thought for our own welfare, our own ends, our own esteem, our own pleasures. Too often we reserve our love for the exclusive few – our families, our closest friends, our fellowship. Too often we are forgetful of others, indifferent to them, even hostile. Gracious God, forgive us the feebleness of our love.

12th August

Gracious God, even when we think we love we are sometimes deceiving ourselves. We are impatient of others’ mistakes. We are slow to give help when it is needed, especially if it means putting ourselves out. We are envious of others’ good fortune, more concerned with our own well-being than that of those around us. Gracious God, forgive us the feebleness of our love.

13th August

Lord, ease the minds of those who are receiving their results today, ease the minds of those who are thinking they didn’t study as hard as they should have. Dear God, help them to be reminded that whatever outcome, you called them to be the head not the tail. Help them to be guided accordingly from thereon if they don’t receive the results they desire, knowing that they did the best they could, trusting you along the way. Amen

14th August

Lord of all you have shown us the way to love, made flesh in Christ – love that came to our world despite rejection, that reaches out to us in all our unloveliness, that was willing to pay the highest price and make the ultimate sacrifice. And through that love you offer life, not only us but to all people – a life that can one day be free from all things that divide and hurt and frighten us. Gracious God, forgive us the feebleness of our love.

15th August

God has taught me that I never need to worry about tomorrow. I survived yesterday. I am alive and dealing with today. With God’s help I can face tomorrow and whatever may come my way. Amen

16th August

Lord, thank you for this beautiful Sunday morning. We come to you in prayer, asking for the type of focus only you can provide in this busy world. Help us to focus on the greatness of you and the life you have planned for us. Help us to take any distractions and realise they are earthly struggles in comparison to the joy you will bring that is everlasting. Instead of us trying to remove the distractions, help us embrace the distractions and keep the focus always pointing to you. Amen

17th August

O Lord, please be near me today. Make your presence known in my life. Father, I also ask that you bless those I know who are struggling with their faith, and with broken and disappointed hearts. Please be active in their lives and make your presence known in their lives. In Jesus’ name. Amen

18th August

Living God, there are times when you seem silent, when, listen though we might, we cannot hear your voice. So we pray now for those who cry for help but who feel their prayers are unanswered. Lord in your mercy, hear us, and all who call to you.

19th August

God, your love – gentle, immense, unconditional – arcs a rainbow of grace to shelter us all and creates a space of belonging and healing.
Your love – grounded in reality, accustomed to suffering – welcomes the excluded, tends hidden bruises, binds wounds and remakes lives and community.
God, may the astonishing truth of your love, your wide span of hope, dawn afresh in our hearts and turn us inside out as we act on your call to share your compassion.
Renew our faith and courage that we may live as people transformed by the gospel and inspired by the limitless horizons of your Spirit. Amen.

20th August

Dear Father, give peace in the hearts of those that receiving their results today. This year has been a worrying time. Give them confidence as they wait patiently and with confidence. Let worry, fear, and doubt flee as they put their faith and trust in You. Amen

21st August

Lord Jesus, in you we find the good news of the gospel:
Renew us through our worship of you,
Enable us to find our place in your kingdom,
Send us out as your servants,
Put us in the right place to share the good news,
Open our hearts and those of others to hear your words,
Never let us cease to proclaim your name, and
Deepen our discipleship as we continue to serve you.
In each and every way may our lives respond to you. Amen

22nd August

The blessing of the night, O Lord, you have given us for rest and the gift of the day to praise your glory. Keep us each day from all sin, protect us in the hour of temptation and guide us with the light of your presence; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

John Calvin (1509-1564) 

23rd August

Lord our God, dwelling in unapproachable light, source of all wisdom, goodness and truth; out of the abundance of our reason we adore you and out of the love of our hearts we praise you, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, one God for ever and ever. Amen.

Susanna Wesley (1669-1742)

24th August

Lord Jesus Christ, thank you for your ability to change lives, to transform even the most unlikely of people, turning them upside down and inside out. Thank you for having changed our lives, filling them with hope, joy, peace, and purpose. Continue to work in our world and bring new beginnings to all. Amen

25th August

Lord Jesus Christ, reach out in love, and where there is pain, sorrow, evil and injustice accomplish real and lasting change. Continue to work in our world and bring new beginnings to all. Amen

26th August

Sovereign God, though we look forward to a new heaven and earth, a kingdom that is yet to come, save us from turning our back on the present, as though the here and now isn’t important and the world around us is not our concern. Save us from washing our hands of social and environmental responsibility; of loving our neighbour, both near and far, of working out our faith in daily life; of testifying to your love through words and deed. Teach us that if we would truly see your kingdom we must strive each day to bring it closer, on earth as it is in heaven. Amen

27th August

Loving God, in a world where hopes are so often shattered, ideals ground into the dust until they seem little more than empty delusion, give us courage to continue dreaming dreams, not as a wistful means of escapism, but as a natural expression of our faith in your purpose, and your ability to work in ways beyond our understanding or expectation. Where faith has died and vision has faded, may hope flower again. Amen

28th August

Loving God, help us to keep hold of a sense of everything you are able to do and all that life can become; to recognise that, despite the way things may sometimes appear, you are able to change lives and transform situations in ways beyond our imagining. Where faith has died and vision has faded, may hope flower again. Amen

29th August

Loving God, work in the church, in this nation, in this world to raise up people of faith and courage; people who believe that, however hopeless life may seem, things can be different. Where faith has died and vision has faded, may hope flower again. Grant to our hurting disillusioned world a vision of the future, and confidence that you can turn dreams into reality. Amen

30th August

Almighty God, ruler of the ends of the earth we pray for those to whom you have entrusted power and responsibility. We think first of our own country and those elected to office as members of parliament – those who serve in government whether in cabinet office, junior posts, or back bench committees; those in opposition, with their mandate to challenge and debate government policies and decisions; and especially we pray for our Prime Minister and the leaders of all other parties. Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer

31st August

Almighty God, we pray for those in local government, entrusted with representing the interest of local people in their communities, taking decisions that will directly influence their lives, wrestling with limited resources and numerous demands. Give them the qualities they need to serve faithfully, staying true to their convictions yet putting people before party. Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer