Find here a prayer for every day in December 

1st December

Loving God, you came to our world in humility, born of Mary in a stable.
You will come once more in glory, through the risen and ascended Christ. You are with us now, here through your Holy Spirit making Jesus real!
We praise you the great truth of Advent.
For your coming and coming again in Christ,
We thank you in his name.

2nd December

Father God, we praise you once more for this season of Advent, for its mood of expectation, its message of hope, its call to prepare ourselves, its spirit of confidence and trust. God made flesh, hear our prayer.

3rd December

Father God, we praise you for the way you have spoken, in the fulfilment of ancient prophecies, in promises et to be realised, and in the living presence of Christ made known through his Holy Spirit. God made flesh, hear our prayer.

4th December

Father God, touch our lives again at this time, as we remember the coming of Jesus, as we anticipate his coming again, and as we strive to serve him better here and now. God made flesh, hear our prayer.

5th December

Father God, grant that through this season we shall be renewed in hope and strengthened in faith, trusting more completely in the future you hold. May our confidence be deepened in you eternal love and purpose, despite all that seems to work against it. And may we be ready to welcome Christ, in the assurance that as he came so he shall come again. God made flesh, hear our prayer, for we ask in the name of Christ. Amen

6th December

Eternal God, ruler over space and time, Lord of history, before all, in all, and beyond all, we worship and acknowledge you, recognising afresh that your ways are not our ways, nor your thoughts our thoughts. Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.

7th December

Eternal God, forgive us for sometimes losing sight of that fact, presuming we know better than you, even expecting you to do our bidding rather than we do yours. Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.

8th December

Eternal God, teach us that you are beyond our greatest imagining, higher than our loftiest dreams; and that you do things in your own way and time, expecting us to wait patiently, trusting in your wisdom and purpose. Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.

9th December

Eternal God, when our prayers do not seem to be answered, our ambitions remain unfulfilled, and our faith appears to be vain, save us from premature judgements. Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.

10th December

Eternal God, teach us that it is often at such times as these – especially at such times as these – that we need to believe in you and your timing. Give us grace to accept our part in your scheme of things, and leave the rest to you. Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

11th December

Gracious God, we praise that you came into this world in Christ, fulfilling your promise of old, vindicating the long-held expectations of your people. We praise you that you came again to the Apostles in the risen Christ, appearing when you were least expected bringing ne hope and immeasurable joy. We praise you for the promise that you will come again in Christ to establish your kingdom and to give life to all your people. Come Lord Jesus, come!

12th December

Gracious God, we recognise there were many who were not ready for the coming of Jesus – many who were not as prepared as they thought they were, whose lives were not what they could have been. Help us to be prepared – to live such lives that at any moment we would be happy to be confronted by the returning Christ. Help us to examine ourselves – our words and deeds, thoughts and attitudes; living each day and moment as though Jesus were visibly by our side – and so may we commit ourselves wholeheartedly to his service. Come Lord Jesus, come!

13th December

Gracious God, we pray not only for ourselves but our world, and those many people who have no thought of Christ or his coming – those who live only for themselves, who seek fulfilment solely in material satisfaction, or who have no spiritual dimension to their lives. Come Lord Jesus, come!

14th December

Gracious God, we pray for those who profess to love but have drifted away from your side – their faith sallow and empty, their hearts full of bitterness, pride, envy, or their minds troubled by doubts and disillusionment. Come Lord Jesus, come!

15th December

Gracious God, we pray for those who work against your kingdom – who knowingly cheat and deceive, who serve self at the cost of others, who spread hatred and incite violence in pursuit of their aims. Come Lord Jesus, come!

16th December

Gracious God, we pray for those who long for your kingdom – who hunger for a new beginning, who pray for a fresh chance, or who simply see no hope for themselves in this world. Come Lord Jesus, come!

17th December

Gracious God, we thank you for the assurance that your kingdom shall come and your will be done – the knowledge that we do not hope or wait in vain. Teach all your people to live always as those ready for Christ’s coming, so that those who have no faith may hear and respond to your word of challenge. Grant to those who despair the knowledge that you are with them, and to all who work to bring your kingdom nearer the assurance that in your own time it will come. In that faith we pray: Come Lord Jesus, come!

18th December

Eternal God, you came to us not in a blaze of publicity, surrounded by pomp and show, nor to the frenzied acclaim of crowds gathered to greet your coming, but quietly, unassumingly, almost unnoticed, in the quiet of the night in the little town of Bethlehem – born in a manger, to the Virgin Mary, your coming first witnessed by shepherds our working in the fields. As the heavens are higher than the earth, so our ways are not your ways nor our thoughts your thoughts.

19th December

Eternal God, time and time again you have chosen the small, the humble, the insignificant, and worked out your purpose through them. You have shown your strength in what the world counts weakness, you have made the last first, and the least the greatest. As the heavens are now higher than the earth, so our ways are not your ways, nor our thoughts your thoughts.

20th December

Eternal God, teach us what it means today – that you can use us beyond our imagining, that you can take what seems unimportant and turn it into something wonderful, that you can work among us in ways that exceed our wildest expectations. Teach us to see life not merely from our own perspective but from yours, and so may your strength be made perfect in our weakness. As the heavens are now higher than the earth, so our ways are not your ways, nor our thoughts your thoughts.

21st December

Loving God, we thank you for the special things we associate with Christmas – the spreading of goodwill, the sharing of friendship, the longing for peace, and the expressing of love. For all this time means and will always mean, we praise you.

22nd December

Loving God, we thank you for this season of Christmas – for all it has meant over the years, all it continues to mean to us, and all it will mean for generations to come. You have given us so much: receive our praise.

23rd December

Loving God, we thank you for carols old and new, for familiar and much loved words of Scripture, for all that speaks f your coming among us in Christ. You have given us so much: receive our praise.

24th December

Dear Lord.
It’s Christmas Eve, yet I haven’t really felt the excitement I usually feel as we approach the big day tomorrow.
Truth is, I’m pre-occupied and troubled by the things that are happening right now. COVID19 and Brexit mainly, but other things too.
Life feels difficult right now Lord, and I, like many other people, worry about what the future might hold.
But perhaps Lord, it’s time I stopped worrying.
Perhaps it’s time I reminded myself that the angels told Mary and the Shepherds not to be afraid.
Perhaps it’s time I reminded myself that Christmas is a story of God coming into the world as a human baby.
Amongst the realities of politics, religion, poverty, war, hate, and yes, even a global pandemic.
A story of hope and a story of love.
A story of light in our dark world.
Perhaps it’s time I stopped worrying and started trusting.
Trusting you Lord.
For you are here with us now.
You have not left us to work all this out for ourselves.
And we know that we can trust you.
At Christmas and always.
Happy Christmas Lord.

25th December

Today, Lord Jesus, we celebrate your birth.
We look back to that day when the people walking in darkness saw a great light.
Today, Lord Jesus, we need light in our darkness
And we know you want to be born in us and to live with us.
Today, Lord Jesus, help us to make room for you
Room in our hearts for your love
Room in our minds for your wisdom
Room in our business for your peace
Room in our homes for your presence
Room in our economies for your generosity
Room in our prejudices – that we may recognize you
when you come to us in the stranger, the poor, the weak and the hungry
For this is our Christmas prayer
In Jesus name.

26th December

Almighty and all-loving God, in awe and reverence we worship you – to proclaim your greatness, to acknowledge your power, to recognise your sovereignty, to declare your goodness. Lord of all, hear our prayer.

27th December

Compassionate and caring God, with grateful hearts we praise you – for your love that constantly surrounds us, for all the blessings of our lives, for the wonder of our world, for the hope of our faith in Christ. Lord of all, hear our prayer.

28th December

Merciful and forgiving God, in sorrow and shame we come before you – to confess our unworthiness of your goodness, to confess we have not loved you or one another as we should, to confess we have failed to appreciate your many gifts, and broken your commandments. Lord of all, hear our prayer.

29th December

Living and life-giving God, in faith and trust we come to petition you – to pray for ourselves, for one another, and for our world; to bring the concerns of daily life before you; to lift our loved ones into your presence; to commit the affairs of our world into your hands. Lord of all, hear our prayer.

30th December

Lord of all, respond to us we pray – touch our hearts with your living presence and fill our lives with your grace, so that our love for you may grow, our faith be deepened, and our service strengthened. Lord of all, hear our prayer, in the name of Christ. Amen

31st December

Everlasting God, we remember all you have done for us over these past twelve months – the ways you have guided and taught us, the times you have offered us strength and support, the occasions you have specially surrounded us with you love and compassion. It has been a particularly difficult year for everyone, but knowing that you have been watching over us has given us the strength to keep going.
We now come anticipating what the next twelve months will bring, grant now your blessings on the days, weeks and months ahead. Teach us to trust you for the future. Amen