Find here a prayer for every day in September

1st September

Dear Lord, thank you for this new month and all you have seen us through so far this year. We ask for your blessing on this month. May we feel your nearness, joy, and peace in all that lies ahead. We thank you in advance for meeting our needs and for your strength that will sustain us. We commit this new month to you and ask you to lead and guide us that we may glorify you. We ask these things in Jesus’ name. Amen

2nd September

God of unimaginable love, we give you thanks and praise. For the love that welcomes the unlovely, for the love that pardons the unworthy, for the love that knows no limit, we give you thanks and praise.
In the love that inspires our worship, in the love of which we would learn more, in the love we share in our caring, we give you thanks and praise.
As your love in us serves our neighbour, as your love tells its story through us, as your love calls us your people, we give you thanks and praise. Amen.

3rd September

Hear our prayer, Lord, for all those starting school, college or university. At what should be an exciting yet daunting time – one for embracing the new and moving from the old – grant sure and certain knowledge of your presence, your guidance, and your love that, come what may, will not fail. Grant the ability to work but also rest, to study, to embrace the new restrictions with the care and consideration they need. To embrace new insights but also to respect the lessons of the past, to welcome all that will be good about student life but to resist whatever is bad, knowing when to say yes and when to say no. Equip and enable them for all the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, so that they may find true fulfilment, now and in the years ahead. Amen

4th September

Hear our prayer, Lord, for those who serve as carers for loved ones. Support them in their demanding ministry, and through your blessing may they in turn be a blessing to those they care for. When exhaustion overwhelms them, renew their vigour. When patience is tested, grant fortitude. When all seems bleak, shed light. When tears flow, bring comfort. May they and their loved one experience your peace, strength and love surrounding and supporting them always, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

5th September

Gracious God we thank you for the beauty of the rising son. We thank you for the awesomeness of creation. May we never worship created things but always return in praise to adore the maker and saviour of all created things. Today, may we walk gently on the earth and be a channel for nurture and healing. In the name of Christ. Amen.

6th September

Heavenly Father, guide us as we move forward.
We pray for all those that have been involved in keeping all your flock together, the church leaders that work hard to ensure your word can be heard, the teams that have been working hard to keep the building in good working order, and to those that will be working hard to keep everyone safe and secure. Thank you for all those who allow us to know your love.

7th September

Loving God, we have so much to be grateful for, a standard of living that many would understandably envy. Help us to remember the poor and oppressed, the hungry and homeless, the millions across the planet who endure crushing poverty and need. Teach us to appreciate the many blessings we have received, and gratefully to respond to those with so much less. Amen

8th September

Lord of all. Hear our prayer for those in peril on the sea, and in particular for fishermen, in the constant dangers they face. Watch over their vessels, quieten their seas, prosper their work, and embrace their loved ones. In rain or sunshine, calm or storm, be with them and those they cherish, guiding, prospering and protecting. Amen

9th September

Almighty and all-loving God, we would bring you our praise; we would offer you our worship; we would open you to our hearts; we would tell of all you mean to us; we would proclaim your name in a way that does justice to your greatness. We hunger to meet with you, to hear your voice, to know your will, and to learn more of you, and to offer commitment that does justice to your love. Hear our prayers.

10th September

Living God, we pray for all those who witness for you, all who preach and proclaim the message of Christ, who challenge people with the message of the gospel. Give them inspiration, courage, and sincerity, so that their witness may lead others to know Jesus for themselves. Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.

11th September

Sovereign God, we pray for the churches of our village, our town, our country, and our world. Grant that they may be more than bricks and mortar, fittings and furnishings, offering, rather, a sacred space that speaks of you – hallowed ground set aside for praise and worship, preaching and teaching, word and sacrament. Above all, may they speak of what the Church is really about: those who life and ministry serves as a visible sign of your love, an expression of your grace and a symbol of service and witness offered in your name. Amen

12th September

Living God, in a world where there are so many searching for meaning, where people feel lost and hopeless, confused about who they are, why they are here, or what they should do, give guidance. Prompt and challenge through your Holy Spirit, so that all who long for answers may find in Christ and end to their seeking – their questions resolved and their lives fulfilled. Amen

13th September

Loving and forgiving God
We pray for our world today
As we bring the virus under control
Help and guide Prime ministers, Presidents, Kings and Queens, all types of workers around the world
Parents and children
And all who have lost loved ones
may they feel your love this week as they go about their work. Amen

14th September

Lord you have created a world full of people
A universe full of planets and stars
You sent us your Son Jesus
To show us how to live in our world
May we have the grace to follow Him. Amen

15th September

Lord of all, you have made us in your own image, each the work of your hands, a unique and precious creation, and we praise you for it. Yet we remember also how, across the centuries and still today, so many have endured prejudice and discrimination, rejected because of the colour of their skin, persecuted due to their creed or culture. Reach out in love, and heal our divisions.

16th September

Lord of all, we pray for those who work for change – campaigning for equality of opportunity, striving to break down preconceptions, building bridges across divided communities. Encourage them in their efforts, and grant that through bringing people together prejudices may be overcome. Reach out in love, and heal our divisions.

17th September

Sovereign God, watch over fire-fighters everywhere and help them in the difficult and often dangerous work they undertake. Grant them skill in all they do, courage when it means putting their safety at risk, protection from accident and injury, stamina in the harrowing and demanding situations they so often face. Strengthen them in times of crisis, guide them in moments of uncertainty, and minister them in experiences of trauma. Equip them with the resources they need, so that, confidently, safely and effectively, they may continue the vital service they offer. Amen

18th September

Go out into the world rejoicing, for God is waiting to meet you and surprise you with the beauty of his presence. In the song of a blackbird, hooting of an owl, the cry of a fox; in the opening of a bud, the fragrance of a flower, the falling of a leaf; in the murmur of the breeze, the rushing of the wind, the howling of the gale; in the babbling of a brook, the rippling of a stream, the crashing of the waves; in the peace of the meadows, the freedom of the hills, the grandeur of the mountains; in the cry of a baby, the laughter of children, the hum of conversation; in the noise of the factory, the routine of the office, the bustle of the shop – God is here, God is there, God is everywhere. AMEN

19th September

Loving God, we come together on this new day, in the name of Christ who makes all things new. We are grateful for the new opportunities this day will bring, the new experiences of you love we shall share in, the new life you have given us in Jesus, the new light he brings on your promises of old. God of truth, renew our hearts.

20th September

Lord Jesus Christ, who shed your blood for all, thank you for those who donate theirs to others in turn, from so simple an offering coming so special a gift to so great a multitude. Inspire us, if we are able, to do the same. Amen

21st September

Lord of all, hear our prayer for the young people of our church. Help us appreciate them, to be open to their insights, to use their gifts, to nurture their faith, and to care about their welfare. Guide them in their work and studies, protect them from all that may harm or lead them astray, encourage them in all they are doing among us, and show them your way for the future. Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.

22nd September

Father God, reach out to all those that are unwell and minister your love. Grant relief from pain, comfort in sorrow, hope in despair, and reassurance in moments of fear and anxiety. Bring help. Bring healing

23rd September

Father God, bless those who work to bring healing, those who counsel and consolation, those involved in research seeking new cures and treatments, those who make diagnoses, those who care for loved ones, and those whose lives have been over turned by disease, whether themselves or those dear to them. Grant a sense of wholeness even in the throes of illness and, by your grace, make well. Bring help. Bring healing. Amen

24th September

Lord Jesus Christ, reach out to our world, just as you did to so many during your earthly ministry. Minister to us in our brokenness: our inner yearning for meaning, our sense of guilt and shame, our struggle of guilt and shame, our struggle to love you and others, our weakness of will, our hurts and fears, our pride, envy, greed and stubbornness – so much that undermines life and devalues our humanity. May your grace bring hope; your love bring healing

25th September

Father God, we pray for all those responsible for offering instruction. Especially we pray for teacher and lecturers in our schools and universities, faced this year by so many changes, so many extra demands, so much that is new and unfamiliar, so much added responsibility, and all too often with so little resources or support. Equip them with the wisdom and enthusiasm they need to equip others for life. Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer

26th September

Lord Jesus, build your kingdom here on earth. Saviour Christ, rescue your people. Light of the world, scatter our darkness. Prince of peace, heal our wounds. Lamb of God, have mercy upon us. Word made flesh, make us new. Emmanuel, God with us, come and be with all. Amen

27th September

Loving God, support those who fear they may be at risk, those who are anxious that they may unknowingly carry the virus, those who know they have the disease, those who are ill, and those who have lost all hope for the future. Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer

28th September

Loving God, give wisdom and inspiration to those who strive to find a cure. Equip them with the skill, patience, diligence, and resources they need to persevere. Strengthen all who minister to sufferers, who labour to bring relief, who seek to show something of your love and compassion. Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer

29th September

Lord Jesus, we pray for those in media – journalists, reporters, photographers, cameramen, editors of news bulletins and newspapers, presenters and programme makers, authors and script writers – all who in different ways have the power to shape public opinion. Give them honesty and integrity, courage and perception. Amen

30th September

Lord Jesus, we pray for those who cannot face the truth, who find it too challenging, too depressing, too frustrating or too frightening to contemplate. Give them courage and help, hope and perseverance. Amen