Stations of the Cross

Stations of the Cross

Artwork by The Benedictine Sisters of Turvey Abbey

Sixteen Stations of the Cross. These inspired illustrations of Christ’s journey to the Cross and beyond are presented to us through colour and symbol.

Extremely rich in colour the images trace Christ’s journey to the cross, from Peter’s denial of his Master and Jesus’s willing acceptance of his cross to the crucifixion and entombment, ending with the joy of the resurrection.

They offer a vivid feeling of increasing darkness as Christ journeys towards the Cross and the fulfilment of his destiny.

From the sombre, dark and beautiful presentation of the entombment we meet Christ risen in glory: darkness to light, sorrow to joy, despair to hope, death to resurrection.

The image of the risen Lord in station 16 shatters the overwhelming feeling of darkness and doom with its vivacious display of colour, sympathetic with the immense joy of the resurrection. Christ is risen!

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Station 1: Jesus is condemned to death

When the soldiers said mean and hurtful things and beat you, you stayed quiet even though you knew you had committed no crime.  You trusted in God and forgave them.

Jesus help us to learn from your example.  When other people mistreat us and do things that seem unfair, allow our hearts to forgive them and love them.  Help us to not judge other people.

Station 2: Jesus takes up his cross

When you began to carry the cross it was heavy and hurt your raw beaten back but you did not fight or complain.  You accepted it as God’s will.

Jesus, when we face crosses in our lives, help us to embrace our burden as you did yours. Give us strength to rely on God’s love to help through all the worries, fears, and sadness that weigh us down.

Station 3: Jesus falls for the first time

The cross you carried made you very tiredand the stones hurt your feet.  As you fell, pain pierced every part of your body. Even in your agony, you prayed, “God, help me remember that you are here”.

Jesus, Sometimes we fall down and make mistakes that can cause us pain.  Give us the wisdom to know that God is always right beside us in those difficult moments.

Station 4: Jesus meets his mother

Mary approached you full of sadness and grief.  You took comfort in how she was there for you in your deepest hour and in seeing her deep love in her eyes.

Jesus, help us notice the look of love and concern in our parent’s faces. Give us the grace to always know they are there for us in our struggles.  Help us acknowledge the guidance and support they offer.

Station 5: Simon helps Jesus carry the cross

The soldiers enlisted Simon to help you carry the cross.  You were grateful and quietly whispered, “thank you” to Simon.  Together you pressed on knowing the worst was yet to come.

Jesus, when we get caught in the middle of things like Simon, help us to react as you would want us to.   Inspire us to always lend a helping hand when others are in need.

Station 6: Veronica wipes the face of Jesus

Veronica bravely pushe her way out of the crowd to get close to you.  She gently wiped your face with a clean cloth.  You were so thankful for her compassion; you left an image of your face on her cloth.

Jesus, make me aware of thise who need some kindness.  Give us the courage to help them, through kind words or positive actions like Veronica did.

Station 7: Jesus falls the second time

The walk up the steep hill to Golgotha was very difficult.  You couldn’t take another step and you fell again to your blooded knees but you remembered your promise to be faithful to God and you got back up.

Jesus, when we feel like giving up, help us remember what you did for us.  Give us the strength to keep going even when we feel we cannot.  Help us in our resolve to keep promises even when it is difficult.

Station 8: Jesus Speaks to the women of Jerusalem

When you saw the weeping women, you did not think of yourself, you tried to console them. You told them to not cry because of your suffering.

Jesus, it is so easy to always think of ourselves and not others especially when things are not going the way we want them to. Help us to have hearts that think about other people first.

Station 9: Jesus falls for the third time

Jesus, it was so hard for you to breathe and you had no energy to take another step. You had been walking a very long time. As you fell, your face hit the hard stone street. You felt excruciating pain but you got back up even though it was hard to do.

Jesus, sometimes we fall over and over again. We choose to sin rather than to follow your way. Help us to recognise when we sin and give us the desire to sin no more.

Station 10: Jesus is stripped of his clothing

The soldiers pulled off your long robe and took almost all your clothes. They made you stand in front of the crowd with just a small piece of clothing and they treated you without dignity. Yet, you relied on God to be with you through it all.

Jesus, help us to stand strong when we feel humiliated or are made to feel foolish by others who are trying to hurt us.

Station 11: Jesus is nailed to the cross

Long iron spikes were used to nail you to the cross. Horrific pain jolted through your body. Instead of saying bad things to the people who were hurting you, you asked God to forgive them.

Jesus, forgiving is so hard to do. Help us to find the courage to forgive others even when they hurt us to the depths of our souls.

Station 12: Jesus speaks to his mother

You showed your loving concern for the two broken-hearted people who stood by the cross. Your mother, Mary and the disciple John, who was very dear to you.

Jesus, help us to pray for those who spend their lives alone with no one to care for them.

Station 13: Jesus dies on the cross

In your final hours, your suffering was very great. You used your last ounce of energy to call to your father. Then you gave your last breath and it looked like this was the end.

Jesus, you made the ultimate sacrifice by giving your life for us. Lead us in being able to do selfless acts too. May we never take what you did for granted.

Help us to learn to live in love.

Station 14: Jesus is taken down from the cross

Your mother Mary and your friends took you down from the cross. Your lifeless body felt no more pain and suffering. Mary held you tenderly in her arms. All hope seemed to be gone.

Jesus, your friends loved you deeply. Help us to do actions that show our love of you and of others. Help us to feel called to care for the sick and dying with tenderness.

Station 15: Jesus is buried in the tomb

Your friends wrapped your body in a fresh clean sheet and gently placed your body in the tomb. A stone was rolled over the entrance. Your death seemed so final and it was hard for them to say goodbye.

Jesus, the torment and agony of the crucifixion was over and your body was laid to rest.

Help us to reflect on the Easter expectation shining through the Good Friday sadness.

Station 16: Jesus is raised from the dead

What a wonderful surprise for your friends when they saw that you were alive.

Jesus help us to thank God for our lives. For all the good things we have been able to do and for all the wonderful people who have blessed our lives.